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2019-09-30 16:02
Hi my name is Ryan In english, and In korean Yun Young Lee, You can call me both. 🙂

I quit my job on Sep, this year, to prepare to go Australia for not just touring.
I am 30 years old, and it was not easy choice, but I couldn't let me live along with this reason, everybody does it so.

so, I am looking for foreigners in Korea to exchange language (english), to talk about 'how are you' in other country.
I just want to make foreigner friends 🙂

I have married 5 years ago and no kids yet, My wife will go to Australia with me.
I am not looking for about relationships but friends would be good 🙂

Over just exchanging languages, I want to talk about cultures. Who knows I could be your old friend in Korea or in Australia.

If you have the same reason in here, hit me back.

Kakao : onikiss
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