looking for foreign friends.

2019-09-28 06:13

It is my first time to write here.
My name is DH in Korean. But you can call me Gen-Na which I was given by my russian professor.
(which doesn`t mean I can speak Russian very well. but just a little bit.)
Whatever you call me, it is okay.

N I am a student studying Geography.
Don`t ask me "Hey, would you draw this map?"
I am not so good at drawing.

By the way, I have a plan to study abroad to get master degree. So I am looking for foreign friends.
Maybe I could go to Germany, France, England, or Russia.
(I haven`t decided yet... I need to get some of information.. )

So I would like to make friendship from any countries.
Interested in coffeeeeee, having a walk, sleeping on a book, and Dostoevsky, Political-Economy.

I will drop my e-mail here.
Feel free to send me a mail~
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