How are you?

2020-06-12 12:46
I'm Ben also living in Korea 서울!
We are looking for someone who can speak English or Korean cool guys~!
We normally speak English in 을지로3가 around 7:30 every Wed and Fri

What do we do? we meet and talk with strangers who come everywhere lol
And just try to get closer over just small talk in English!

So, we go hiking and taking pictures at somewhere on the weekend(Not everybody)
We are not a kinda ONE TIME EVENT group NONO

You can just come and drop by our Cafe time to time but we are more likely looking for REAL friends
who can keep in touch in the long run 😀

*How to join?
**Refer to pics and weekly schedule first through Mobile App bleow(Somoim)

KaT: warnack
ISTA: 91lamb
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