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hey guys, I'm yeong and Korean. I'm just looking for someone who want to talk with me.

2020-11-07 17:04
Hi, I just joined this website today and I'm just looking for friends who want to talk with me using both Korean and English.
안녕, 나는 오늘 가입한 유저이구, 그냥 영어랑 한국어 쓰면서 대화할 친구를 찾고 있어 ㅋㅋ

I'm not perfectly using English very well though, but I can help you guys as much as I can, regarding Korean. 🙂
아직 나는 영어가 완벽하진 않지만, 내가 아는 한에서 한국어 공부를 도와줄께ㅎㅎ

If you are interested in me, feel free to leave a reply and let's talk
만약 관심이 있다면, 댓글 남겨줘~
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